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You’re not alone.
We’re here to support.

Any loss can cause feelings of grief. Using the resources around you will give you the strength and confidence needed to manage the emotions that happen as you heal.


The clinician portal is designed to provide CMHA branches with access to downloadable resources for patients, the community, and clients. To request access please contact kwillis@cmha-wecb.on.ca

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You’re not alone.

Living with grief can be hard, especially in the beginning

Any loss requires us to cope and learn how to live in a new, changed future. This period can be difficult and takes time. Utilizing support systems such as: Friends, professionals and resources can help to understand your feelings and this healing process.

Learn about the different types of loss and grief in the free and downloadable resources below:

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You’re not alone.
We’re here to support.

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The CMHA Ontario Bereavement program has been modeled after the CMHA Windsor-Essex Bereavement program. CMHA Windsor-Essex has been offering adult bereavement education and group supports to the local community since 1978. Since then, the branch’s adult bereavement program has expanded and now offers a wide variety of bereavement programming, including formal therapy for children and adult grievers in the Windsor area.

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